Set of 2 led candles - Black

$26 $38

2 Pillar candles in the shape of a twisted cone. Made from real wax with LED flickering flame. Easy to use because it can be placed anywhere and in all seasons. This choice is safe for children, pets and textile materials, because the candle does not emit any heat, smoke or flame. You will be amazed by a realistic look and feel with its wax finish on the surface and especially the incredible flame effect, featuring an optional 6 hour timer function that relights by itself every evening. You can just place them anywhere to give a little light and above all a warm atmosphere without the need for candlesticks or other supports. Enjoy a cozy evening with a shimmering glow.

These candles are made from real wax and should not be placed in direct light or near a heat source as they may melt. 


1 CR2032 battery

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