ÉDITION LIMITÉE is a boutique online shop offering a collection of beautifully designed limited edition products.

Hi I’m Julie Tardieu – mum of two boys, lover of all things beautiful and founder of ÉDITION LIMITÉE.

What started out as a passion for sourcing beautiful and unique items for myself led me to create ÉDITION LIMITÉE.

So what does ÉDITION LIMITÉE mean…?

Well, I guess it’s the same in French as it is in English – LIMITED EDITION. To deliver you this boutique collection, I hand pick beautifully designed products from far and wide and create a limited edition of gorgeous items. Whether it is handmade jewelry or a customized fabric, I work with artisans and designers who have a passion for their craft and bring quality to their work. The nature of a limited edition also means that as one collection finishes a new one can be added – keeping the ÉDITION LIMITÉE offering fresh and exciting.

Take a browse, join me at one of my pop ups or simply drop me a line to say Hi.

I’d love to hear from you.